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The Most Important Supplements to take as a Busy Woman 1 Halal Vitamins and Supplements

The Most Important Supplements to take as a Busy Woman

You have the longest to-do list. You are always on the go, chasing after your kids, driving them to school and their other activities, and trying to get dinner on the table. You’re exhausted!

This may leave little time for you to think about your nutrition. While lack of time is never a great excuse for not eating well, it is, unfortunately, quite a valid excuse. While learning to eat healthier despite having no time is a whole other topic, in this blog post we’re going to talk about how to address nutritional deficiencies with vitamin supplements.

If you aren’t eating a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, seeds, and lean meats, you may be falling low on key vitamins and minerals. The good news is that with a few smart supplements, you can get your intake back on track. These should never replace whole foods, but they can definitely give you that peace of mind in knowing that you’re covered.

Here’s your guide to vitamin supplements.


A Multi-Vitamin

If you find yourself eating unhealthy food or neglecting your nutrition overall, you’ll definitely need to find a way to get the essential nutrients and minerals your body needs to function and stay healthy.

The Most Important Supplements to take as a Busy Woman 2 Halal Vitamins and SupplementsClick the product to view more information about the product!

For You and Your Baby

If pregnant and needing a comprehensively formulated product which can aid you with exactly what you need for you and your baby during your pregnancy then look no further. Profeta Health offers you a product comprised of 19 important supplements and vitamins including Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc and B Vitamins. The product can be used before and during conception and is formulated from premium quality halal ingredients. The product is available in both 30 tablets and 90 (for a 3 month’s worth of supply!). Click the image below for more information..

The Most Important Supplements to take as a Busy Woman 3 Halal Vitamins and Supplements

Individual Vitamins and Minerals


If you avoid all red meat, you’ll want to consider supplementing with iron. Many women fall short in iron because they lose some blood each month with their cycle and they aren’t replacing this with the foods they eat. If you are low in iron, it may lead to iron-deficiency anemia and you may find that you grow more and more tired by the day. Soon, completing simple exercise sessions, or tasks at home becomes a great challenge. So do look out for such supplements, and ensure you look for some with minimal to no side effects too.


Potassium is important for the regulation of blood pressure. Keeping blood pressure levels balanced can help prevent strokes. Although potassium is important, women should not take supplements unless their physician has recommended it. The best advice for women’s health is to have your potassium levels checked to see if you have recommended levels in your bloodstream already.


Calcium is the next mineral that you’ll want to consider adding to your supplement protocol. All women need a good dose of calcium to help promote strong bones and if you aren’t eating enough dairy-rich foods, you’re likely missing out.

While you can get some calcium from leafy greens, you likely won’t get enough to fully meet your needs.

Do take caution though: too much supplemental calcium can lead to kidney stones, so don’t overdo this one. Keep it to a safe amount and you’ll be fine.

We are here to make sure you have no worries or anxieties in supplementing exactly what you need. Click below to buy our Osteo Ultra Vitamin D Plus Calcium Product.

The Most Important Supplements to take as a Busy Woman 4 Halal Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the next mineral that is a regular must-have. It’s very important for building stronger bones, keeping your hormones in check, improving energy levels, and may even reduce your risk of breast cancer.

The best way to take in some Vitamin D is to expose yourself to sunlight without sunscreen in short intervals of time, preferably when the UV index is less than 3. Research has shown that many people suffer with Vitamin D deficiency, regardless of whether there is sunlight or not. An example of a typical person could be a Muslim Lady Wearing a headcovering, or in a hot country where it is not easy to travel outside in severe heat.

The Most Important Supplements to take as a Busy Woman 5 Halal Vitamins and Supplements

B Vitamins

The B vitamins include B1 – thiamine, B2 – riboflavin, B3 – niacin, B5 – pantothenic acid, B6 – pyridoxine, B12 – cobalamin, and biotin. The B vitamins are good for heart health, energy, skin, and hair. Although these vitamins are found naturally in whole grain, fruits, and vegetables, the B vitamins are more slowly absorbed with age. A supplement complex is a good idea, again, look no further as Profeta has ensured you have exactly what’s needed in order to make sure you are never Vitamin B deficient. Click the image below to view more information about the Vitamin B Complex Plus Vitamin C product.

The Most Important Supplements to take as a Busy Woman 6 Halal Vitamins and SupplementsThis tablet is also available in a 60 Capsules, for 2 months worth of Vitamins for just £8.99!

Omega 3’s

Commonly found in fish, omega-3 fatty acids help with brain function and heart health. They help reduce triglycerides, reducing the risk of heart disease. They also act as anti-inflammatories, helping with joint health. Finally, they boost brain functioning and thus help keep cognitive abilities sharp. Because our bodies do not produce these naturally, if women are not eating enough fish, a supplement is recommended. Click below to buy our Super Strength Omega 3 product.

ProfVits Super Strength Omega 3 – 1080MG
ProfVits Super Strength Omega 3 – 1080MG

How do you know if you need a supplement?

The best idea is to see your physician and discuss your diet, daily routines, and health history with him or her. A healthy diet with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat will help you keep balance, too. The worst thing you can do about your health as you age is nothing. Women need change with the stages of life and being middle-aged is no time to ignore your overall health.

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