We understand that life as a woman is busy.

Taking an all-in-one halal ProfVits Women’s Optimised Multivitamins Supplement is a a fast and easy way to ensure your body has the essential nutrients it needs. Our formulation is specifically to support female health; maintenance of a healthy immune and nervous system, healthy skin, hair and nails, and providing normal energy release

ProfVits Womens Halal Vitamins
ProfVits Women’s Optimised Multivitamins Supplement 1 Halal Vitamins and Supplements

Halal Certified with premium mixture vitamins and minerals

ProfVits Women’s Optimised Multivitamins Supplement 2 Halal Vitamins and Supplements

Formulated specifically for adult women use

ProfVits Women’s Optimised Multivitamins Supplement 3 Halal Vitamins and Supplements

Designed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

ProfVits Women’s Optimised Multivitamins Supplement 4 Halal Vitamins and Supplements

Product quality and purity are lab tested

Look your best!

Premium grade iron, folic acid and further vitamins and minerals essential for healthy blood cells which improve your skin, hair and nails. Women with iron deficiency are more prone to dry hair, brittle nails and sallow skin. Boosting iron intake helps to combat these problems areas.

Supporting your nervous system

It contains optimum amounts of vitamin B6 and B12 that have been shown to help the normal functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B6 in particular contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.

Boosting your energy levels

The supplements contribute to normal energy release and helps to combat tiredness. It helps your body taking in sufficient oxygen without which fatigue sets in, improving brain function and boosting your immune system’s ability to fight illness. They also aid in maintaining healthy nerves and blood cells.

Looking after female health

Assists with the normal function of red blood cells and haemoglobin which is particularly needed for women who experience menorrhagia (heavy monthly periods), or post natal bleeding.

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