Gummies MEGA Bundle – 3 FOR 1
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Gummies MEGA Bundle – 3 FOR 1

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This vitamin range contains all of the essential vitamins for your children in fun sized Gummies suitable for all of the family. Kids love them and just one gummy a day can give your child the boost they need to look after their wellbeing.

Profeta Childrens Optimised Multivitamins Orange Flavour Gummies (60 Gummies)

Profvits Children’s Optimised Multivitamin Food Supplement Gummies has been produced for the specific nutritional needs of children. A comprehensive formulation of nutrients based on extensive international research help maintains your child’s health supplement needs.

ProfVits Childrens Omega 3 Orange Flavoured Pectin Gummies (60 pieces)

Profvits Omega 3 Food Supplement Gummies contribute to a child’s normal brain, visual and immune system development. The gummies provide the necessary requirements of Omega 3, including premium grade essential fatty acids EPA and DHA as well as vitamin E.

Profvits Vitamin C Halal Soft Gummies (60 pieces)

Taking a delicious blackcurrant flavour Profvits Children’s Vitamin C Soft Gummy is a fast and easy way to ensure that your child has 100% of their recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C along with other essential vitamins and minerals. Specifically tailored for children aged 4-12 years, each Profvits Children’s Vitamin C Soft Gummy contributes to keeping your child’s immune system strong.

Halal Premium Quality Vitamins in the UK
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