How Supplements can Help a Fussy Eater’s Diet?

Does Your Child Need Vitamins?

In an Ideal world:  An eager, hungry 5-year-old sits at his/her perfectly-portioned plate, with a vegetable, fruit, whole grain and protein – accompanied by a glass of milk and a huge smile across his/her face.

In the real world:  A picky, fidgety 5-year-old stares at his/her plate on which you have quickly thrown a pile of pasta, a few green beans (which will be pushed aside), and a glass of milk that he refuses to finish.

Food and Health are both gifts and trusts (amanah) from Allah. If they aren’t used appropriately, then it can be an example of lack of gratitude and a break in the trust from our side.

Among us, there are a few lucky parents whose children eat every meal as a very well balanced one.  The majority of us struggle with picky eaters, food refusals, busy schedules or a combination of all three.  We might get a well-balanced meal in a few times a week, but with a bit of a fight and struggle.

The majority of children do manage to get most of what their bodies need to grow and thrive despite the lack of perfect meals all day, every day.  However, if your child has a restrictive diet or is extremely picky, you may need vitamin or mineral supplements. These supplements are not food replacements, rather they are aides which need to supplement a healthy balanced diet.

But what if your kid is one of these kids….

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