About Us
About Us 1 Halal Vitamins and Supplements

Our Mission

We believe in improving the lives of you and your loved ones by delivering premium quality, innovative healthcare products that are rooted in the prophetic tradition, powered by science, assuredly Halal and true to nature. 

Our goal is to become the world leader in developing innovative halal healthcare supplements. To achieve this, we continue to provide the finest quality of nutritional supplements at exceptional value for money.

Innovation meets nature

Profeta manufactures innovative products which bring together both medical science and traditional medicines based on the prophetic approach, such as innovative products in the ZamVit range, as well as being customer-focussed and formulating familiar essential supplements containing premium grade ingredients.  Our pure, naturally sourced ingredients are free of contaminants and bonded to ensure maximum preservation of potency which is harnessed with modern lab quality methods.

Assuredly Halal

We understand how diverse our customers are. Profeta’s unique formulations are tailored to the specific needs of our customers and this stands us apart from the competition. All of our products are halal certified and this is at the centre of all of the products we formulate.

Quality assured

Our products conform to international and national standards. We and our partners have sought consultations and certifications from Health Agencies from around world including the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the UK and FDA in the US. Profeta is also monitored by the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and all products pass GMP quality control.

Based in the UK

We proudly invest in the manufacturing of our highly innovative products here in the UK and all over the world. We are located at the MediCity site in Beeston, Nottingham, United Kingdom. MediCity is one of the leading healthcare hubs in the UK and is a part of the BioCity group. At this site we benefit from the experience of many established innovative healthcare companies in specialised incubator environments.

We are proud to be one of the top providers of healthcare supplements and we are certain that you won’t find anyone else who will work as hard as we will to make sure that you get access to the finest, premium grade products at the lowest price.