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7 Steps to Create a Healthy Meal that Your Whole Family Will Enjoy 1 Halal Vitamins and Supplements

7 Steps to Create a Healthy Meal that Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

Making time for a healthy active lifestyle can seem overwhelming. But the good news is that making a few small simple lifestyle changes can lead to healthy habits that require little thought or effort.

We’ve got to learn to make a normal part of life rather than a stage, or temporary change.

Whether you’re a single parent or married, a stay-at-home parent or working, here are ways to make more time for the whole family to be healthier:


  1. Pick out the family Activity time

If you take a look at everyone’s activity throughout a week, you will be able to identify time slots in which you can fit some activities in, these activities could be a walk, family outing, something that has some form of physicality and family bonding too. This process of breaking down all schedules will also help you identify activities you can cut back on.

During the weekdays, we might suggest two 30 minutes activity slots, and on the weekends two 1-hour time slots of family activities.


  1. Weekly menu and food prep

Often times it is the quick easy food on the go that is a source of great unhealthy lifestyle matters. Planning needs to be done a couple of times with some effort, and after a while it becomes normal, and easier to manage, if you can plan out a balanced weeks’ worth of meal plans, and you can prepare some healthy snacks ready to go than you are planning for success! 💪


  1. Simplify your family’s schedule.

In today’s society we’re expected to do it all. But this type of non-stop lifestyle isn’t sustainable or healthy. Try prioritising your activities and see what you can do without so you’ll have more time for the things that matter. This is not to say don’t keep busy, or give the kids plenty of free time, but it is more of a matter of managing stress.


  1. Managing personal Stress

As parents, stress can often be the cause of unhealthy habits. If your mind is constantly preoccupied, the results would be quick meals, less family time, and less attention given to the family and the kids.


  1. Take baby steps

If you’re the head of your household, the responsibility to ensuring every household member is at ease, well rested, well fed and in good health can sometimes daunting. The key is to take baby steps. Getting healthy is a journey; you don’t have to do everything at once, ease the family along the journey, and the destination will constantly get closer 🙂


  1. Ask everyone in the family to do their part.

Depending on their ages, kids can help prepare healthy meals and help around the house. Treat your family like a team and encourage everyone to work together. This can bring about the realisation that it’s a lifestyle and not a forceful stage of their lives, in addition to that it teaches them humility and appreciation for all the work you do as a parent or parents for them.


  1. Live by example.

Finally, the biggest and most important element. We all need to do our best to walk the walk. If we want our kids to eat healthy and exercise, we’ve got to model that behaviour. You’re not perfect, but if you’re determined and persistent, there’s not much that can stop you.

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